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Credit Rating

Bourse Securities Limited is the only investment company in Trinidad and Tobago which subjects itself to the Caribbean’s regional credit rating agency.

In July 2020, Bourse Securities Limited received a CariA- rating for the fifth consecutive year from CariCRIS. This was largely attributed to our continued profitable operations, well-diversified investment portfolio and income streams, in addition to improved cash-flow adequacy and short-term liquidity metrics.

CariCRIS is the Caribbean’s regional credit rating agency. It is a unique market-driven initiative aimed at fostering and supporting the development of regional debt markets in the Caribbean.

A CariCRIS credit rating is an objective assessment of an entity’s creditworthiness relative to other debt issuing entities. The CariCRIS regional scale rating compares an entity’s creditworthiness to all debt-issuing entities in a defined Caribbean region. CariCRIS also offers a national scale credit rating where the comparison set is all debt-issuing entities in the financial markets of a single nation.

CariCRIS ratings aim to provide a regionally relevant risk assessment of entities and the debt that they issue within a wider context of an analysis of economic trends and financial developments. This will significantly improve an investor’s ability to compare sovereign and corporate credits in the region. For borrowers, CariCRIS ratings will enhance credibility and expand access to funding sources. (

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