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Bourse Securities Limited (BSL) has been at the forefront of the local investment industry since its inception in 1995. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services including mutual fund management, stockbroking, fixed income investments and investment advisory.


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Rest easy knowing that your Mutual Fund is being handled by a strong, knowledgeable team whose passion is to increase your value.

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We help to make your years after retirement truly golden.

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We provide the best stockbroking service in T&T.

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Personalized advice for your investment goals.

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Mutual Fund Prices 16th July, 2019

Bourse Report

Weekly Review


Growth Fund Net Asset Value YTD Returns
Savinvest TT$ Capital Growth Fund $ 24.7683  6.02%
Savinvest India Asia Fund (US$) $ 10.9049  6.51%
Bourse Brazil Latin Fund (US$) $ 9.4152   14.87%
Income Funds Net Asset Value Yield
Savinvest Structured Investment Fund $100.00    1.75%
Savinvest US$ Investment Income Fund $10.00    1.65%
Retirement Funds as at ,

30th June, 2019

Net Asset Value Returns
Group Retirement Fund $15.4674 6.84%
Individual Retirement Fund $11.7410 5.35%