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Wealth and Portfolio Management

Why choose bourse wealth and portfolio management?

This product is geared toward individual investors who have challenges in setting up their portfolio, that is, choosing the right assets to achieve the desired objective.

The correct mix is achieved only through careful selection based on accurate information and constant monitoring of the markets- a time consuming task for many potential investors who may not have the investment know-how or time to commit this most important aspect.

When managing your own portfolio, you must also contend with challenging decisions on which assets to purchase or dispose, when to purchase or dispose and how much to purchase or dispose in order to have the right mix to achieve your objectives.

At Bourse, we take these burdens off your shoulder. We offer you a very PERSONALIZED service- a one-on-one Client/ Investment Services Adviser relationship. We will design a portfolio that is tailored to your specifications, moulded by your changing needs and suitable for your investment goals.

Creating your diagnostics

Our investment advisory service is carried out in two stages:

    1. A diagnostic is done to ascertain your level of risk tolerance. In addition, a needs analysis is carried out to generate a model portfolio to match the risk tolerance and to generate adequate returns. This highly valuable initial review will be at NO COST to you. This information will provide the main building blocks for developing an investor profile and an investment strategy that reflect your current financial situation, your return expectations and your tolerance of risk.
    2. We provide expert advice on constructing a portfolio from inception or reviewing your existing portfolio. This incorporates asset allocation and stock selection within the respective asset classes.

Benefits of Investing with Bourse

  • The Investment Management team at Bourse has a wealth of experience amounting to some of the best expertise in the T&T equity market and fixed income securities. In the local equity space, we are recognized as the best research house.
  • Bourse has a highly successful record of advising institutional and individual investors in stock picking. This will be of substantial benefit to your portfolio.
  • One-on-one, in-depth review of your portfolio’s performance with Bourse’s Investment Analyst on a quarterly basis or more often as may be required.
  • Quarterly statements and summary performance review on your portfolio in conjunction with changes in the market conditions.
  • On-going information directly to you on  the outlook for specific Stocks, Bonds and other money market instruments.

Placing your investment

  • You have the choice of two distinct investment management services:
    • Discretionary Management- we make all the investment decisions on your behalf within previously agreed specifications
    • Advisory Management- we advise you on all investment decisions but you opt to make the end decision.
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • Trust may be established on a single or joint basis

You can invest using:

  • Manager’s cheques
  • Personal cheques (subject to management approval)
  • Wire Transfer of Funds
  • Direct Deposits into our secure accounts with our designate bankers.