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SavInvest Individual Retirement Fund

The SavInvest Individual Retirement Fund is a long term investment that allows the investor the opportunity to accumulate cash for future needs and at the same time obtain significant tax benefits and superior returns.

It is a safe and sound investment with expert investment management by Bourse Securities Limited.

The Fund seeks to offer an above average return over the long term. This is achieved by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt and short term securities of private and public issues.  The Fund also invests in equities and other select securities in companies and industries with good growth potential and no prescribed restrictions on asset allocation, country or currency.

Tax Benefits: The maximum for tax relief is up to $50,000.00. An investor who contributes the maximum amount would have an actual tax savings of $12,500.

Potential for Superior Returns: The Fund is a balanced portfolio and is well diversified in investments in different securities and also in TT and US currencies.

Accumulation of wealth: The higher the contribution level, the higher will be the plan value at maturity.

Cost Effective: There are no upfront charges. 100% of your contributions begin working for you from  DAY ONE, unlike other deferred annuity and pension fund plans.

Plan Mobility: You have the ability to transfer from one provider to another.

Plan Your Estate: You can appoint or change your beneficiary at any time throughout the life of the Plan. Should you die prior to the maturity, the full value of your Plan will be paid to your beneficiary- tax exempt. 

Professional Investment Management: Your retirement portfolio is actively monitored and managed by a highly qualified team of investment professionals.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of a Group Retirement Fund, you will also be able to…

Choose the Maturity date: The Maturity date can be anytime between the ages of 50 to 70. Once the maturity date is selected, it may be changed by simply completing the required form.

Choose the level of contributions: Select the contribution levels and frequency. You can make amendments as your financial needs change by simply completing the required form.

Choose an annuity provider: At maturity, you have the benefit of selecting an annuity provider you feel most comfortable with.

Maturity payout: On the maturity date of your Individual Retirement Fund you will receive based on your Plan Value the following:-

(1) Lump Sum plus Annuity

25% as a tax free cash lump sum

75%  purchase of an immediate annuity which will generate a monthly income for life.


(2)Total Annuity Payout

100% of the Plan Value will be used to purchase of an immediate annuity which will generate monthly income for life.

The Annuity provides you with income for life

One may select:

Period certain- 5, 10 or 15 years (whereby the beneficiary is guaranteed to receive payments up to specified period following death) Should you outlive the period selected, you will continue to receive payments until death.

Our promise to you:-

  • Quarterly statements of your plan value
  • Annual Contribution letters for TD1 and TD4 Income Tax purposes
  • Access to information on the fund’s net asset valuations/prices/financials on our website
  • Highest standard of personalized customer service

Designed for the Individual

The minimum amount is $1,000.00 per month.

Flexible scheduled contribution levels – (eg. monthly, quarterly, annually or lumpsum amounts).

Contribution levels and terms of payment are determined by you.

You may conduct transactions at Bourse Securities Limited or at any branch of First Citizens Bank Limited.  New investors should come into Bourse to transact business.

Accessing Your Funds

You benefit most when you use your Individual Retirement Fund as a way to accumulate wealth over the long term. In the event that unforeseen circumstances arise and you need to terminate your investment prior to maturity date, you may opt for an early withdrawal of your investment which will incur Board of Inland Revenue taxes and administration charges.

Interested investors can call 1-868-226-8773 or send an email to

You can also invest using:

  • Manager’s cheques
  • Wire transfer of funds
  • Direct deposits at any of First Citizens Bank Limited
  • Standing order arrangements or salary deductions which can be done through your bankers