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Lending Against Securities (LAS)

What is  Lending Against Securities (LAS)?

Lending Against Securities (LAS) is a convenient and cost effective way for individuals and companies with financial securities to access funding.

LAS financing can be used to:

Purchase Securities such as:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds


For other Purposes consistent with your goals such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Business Venture
  • Education
  • Exceptionally low cost financing
  • Flexible terms
  • Quick and easy access to financing
  • Great opportunity to leverage on marketable securities
  • Optimal use of cash management, whereby you would not have to deplete your own resources

A minimum of TT$100,000 is applicable to qualifying borrowers. While there is no maximum borrowing level, limits may be applied based on our internal risk guidelines. Otherwise, borrowing is limited to your collateral availability.

The term of financing for LAS will be for a minimum of one (1) year with the available option to rollover.

Repayment of principal advanced is quite flexible, either on reducing balance or bullet terms. There are also provisions for early repayment without penalty, subject to certain minimum criteria.

What can I use as collateral?

Any marketable financial securities can be used included exchange listed shares, bonds and certain mutual funds. Collateral may be either TTD or USD securities.

How much can I borrow against my collateral?

Funding advanced against collateral ranges from 70%-90%.

Applicable Collateral Funding Advanced
Exchange-Listed Shares Up to 70%
Non-Bourse Mutual Funds Up to 70%
Corporate Bonds Up to 80%
Bourse Mutual Funds Up to 90%
T&T Government Bonds 90%


What is the cost of borrowing?

Lending rates are typically at least 1% below average prime bank lending. Rates vary depending on collateral and other factors.

Are there any applicable fees?

A negotiation fee of 0.75% of the borrowing value typically applies.

Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository Pledge Fees of 0.03% of the market value of the equities if these are used as collateral.

There are no legal fees.

Contact us

Interested investors can call 1-868-226-8773 or send an email to

Documentation Needed

The Documents needed for opening an Account are:

Individual applicants

  • 2 valid forms of identification (passport, national I.D., driver’s permit)
  • Job letter, no older than six months
  • A recent pay slip or bank statement, if self-employed
  • A proof of address, such as a utility bill

Business applicants   

  • 2 valid forms of identification each, from two company directors
  • Incorporation and other company documents such as annual returns, company bye-laws, corporate profile etc.
  • Most recent audited financials
  • A proof of address

Further information may be requested as required.